April 19, 2024


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Building A Serial Bus To Save An Old Hard Drive


Common Serial Bus has been the de facto common for sending facts to and from personal computer peripherals for just about two decades, but despite the term “universal” in the name this wasn’t always the situation. A good deal of competing expectations, including USB, existed in the computing world in the many years ahead of it came to dominance, and if you are hoping to get better details from a pc without USB you may well have to get inventive with how it is done.

[Ben] recently came across a 80486 with this difficulty, so he had to get inventive to recover the contents of the push. He calls it the “lunchbox” computer system because of to its variety element, and even though it does not have USB it does have a tried-and-trusted serial port to converse with other personal computers. [Ben] wrote up a piece of computer software for both of those the acquiring computer and the sending computer system in buy to copy the travel sectors a person by just one across a serial connection to a standalone pc running Windows XP, and was capable to recuperate the contents of the generate that way as an alternative.

All of the code [Ben] wrote is obtainable on his GitHub website page for everyone looking to boot up a 30-12 months-aged laptop again. Though it may well sound uncommon, pcs of this vintage are nonetheless all over working points like CNC devices or aged mainframes.


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