April 22, 2024


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Body temperature sensor may arrive on Apple Watch Series 8


Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo says that the much-anticipated body temperature sensing feature may be on the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8.

Apple Watch Series 8

Kuo outlines on social media how Apple canceled the function on the Apple Watch Series 7 because the algorithm for the technology didn’t work. The analyst mentioned that it didn’t qualify before the EVT, or Engineering Validation Testing, which is a precursor to having it move to production.

In the same post, Kuo believes that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 will have body temperature feature if the Cupertino-based company could fix the algorithm before the product enters mass production and meet the brand’s high requirements. He says that although it sounds easy in theory, it’s quite difficult since precise measurement varies on a few external elements.

It seems that other companies such as Samsung are facing the challenge too, with the Galaxy Watch 5 having an absent temperature sensing option.


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