June 19, 2024


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Wisconsin Computer Club hosts open house


STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW) – Retrotech enthusiasts displayed their vintage technology at the Portage County Library on Saturday.

The event was part of the Wisconsin Computer Club’s quarterly open house. The open house showcased vintage computers and video game consoles.

“The goal is essentially to help our club members show off either their favorite pieces or to show off their products they’re working on or just kind of share things that are fun with the community,” said Alexander Macomber, Founder and President of the Wisconsin Computer Club.

The president and founder of the Wisconsin Computer Club said a lot of the electronics they display have been used.

“We have a lot of equipment here that is salvaged or saved, otherwise things that are memorable and fun and we want to take out and bring to the community,” said Macomber.

Many of the computers and consoles were over 30-years-old.

“The range of computers we have here, we start in the kind of early to mid ‘70s. We have a few pong consoles here, which are very old. We have some TRS ‘80s stuff which is some of the earliest home computers,” said Macomber.

There were also devices from the ‘80s.

“Some of the ‘80s hardline computers, your Commidor 64′, the Apple 2, these big legendary names,” said Macomber.

Macomber said it takes come maintenance to upkeep the vintage computers.

“There’s a lot of things, batteries are a constant problem, capacitors will fail, chips will fail, so it’s a constant struggle. Akin to taking care of a classic car,” said Macomber.

Although it can be tough to upkeep the computers, Macomber said it’s part of the process.

“But that’s part of the joy of it. That’s what we find a lot of fun. That’s really half of the hobby, maintaining the equipment,” said Macomber.

The Wisconsin Computer Club has open houses four times a year. The next event is on June 11 at District 1 Brewing.

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