May 26, 2024


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Why should you think of buying MSFT stock?

Should You Buy Microsoft (MSFT) Stock? | Stock Market News | US News

In 2019, Microsoft defeated the much-loved AMZN and won a major contract for cloud computing from the U.S. Department of Defense. The contract is called JEDI, the enterprise’s joint defense infrastructure, and is valued at $ 1 billion and lasts many years. Amazon protested against the award of the contract, arguing that President Donald Trump’s partiality against Amazon had shifted the Pentagon’s administrative authority to Microsoft.

Shares of MSFT rose nearly 40% in the previous year, while the index rose around 8%. As more people work from home, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people work and collaborate. This trend has helped increase Microsoft’s profits and helped in increasing the price of MSFT stock.

Azure and Microsoft’s cloud services are strong enough to deliver revenue growth in the smart cloud sector by 20% over last year, and that growth can only be sustained through important contracts such as the recent agreement. Microsoft is investing $ 10 billion in the US Department of Defense. The Starlink SpaceX development looks to provide satellite Internet to every part of the planet, from isolated areas to compactly populated urban areas. 

Will Msft stock outperform other stocks?

As Nasdaq’s trading volume reaches the highest level in history, and technology companies seem to be booming every day, one might think that the technology industry doesn’t matter much. When stock prices reach historic highs, many investors are less likely to buy stocks, but there are always exceptions. The company with a market value of up to $ 1 trillion is trading at the highest price in history, and you may even think about adding to the current price.

For one of the largest companies in the world, business development is extremely strong. At many businesses in the economy, not to mention the major devastating pandemic of American households, Microsoft is thriving. A report on the company’s performance in late July confirmed its resources.

Because people could not meet in person, business, and family activities moved to the cloud. Microsoft is owned for the most part because it has caught up with AWS Amazon. The Microsoft team also competes with Zoom Video. Also, when companies are forced to work from home, they need more subscriptions to Office 365, even when people stay at home; they play more games than ever before.

In the true picture, the Microsoft report hid some shortcomings. This includes the company’s revenue forecast for the first quarter, which is slightly lower than analysts’ forecasts. But nothing really looks like it. Hence, we believe Msft stock will outperform other stocks too. You can get more information like cash flow at

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.