May 26, 2024


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Why people buy low-cost Chinese technology even knowing of their bad quality?

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There are many factors that customers consider when they want to buy products. For most people, affordability, and functionality comes first. This group of people is mostly the low to medium wage workers who are trying to manage the money they have made to sustain them till they get the next paycheck and if possible with some savings. For other people, especially those that are very rich, luxury, class, and highly-priced products are often their priority. Fortunately, most of the companies that make high priced and luxurious products also consider functionality.

While everybody wants to buy high-quality products, it might be surprising when you notice that some people buy Chinese technology, even those that are obviously of low-quality. Here are some of the reasons why people do not mind buying China products despite their low-quality products.


In most cases, when we want to buy a product, especially when we don’t have much money to spend, functionality is often our major priority. Using a mobile phone as an example, the major function of a mobile phone is to make and receive calls. With smartphones and Android phones, accessing the Internet, Whatsapp, and other major apps are the major functionality. Any Chinese Android phone can do every major thing that a Samsung flagship phone and other expensive things can do. They can make and receive calls, they can chat on WhatsApp and Facebook, and they can even play their games. Apart from little lags here and there, speed, durability, and other things expensive brands market alongside their products, which cheaper brands might not be able to catch up with, the major functionality remains the same. There are many people in the world today that use their over 1,000 USD phones for the same thing that a 100 USD phone would have done with the same speed and accuracy, once you subtract durability.


People only patronize electronic device companies that can produce products they can afford. Despite affordability being relative, a person who earns less than 3,000 USD per month would most likely not be willing to spend 1,000 USD to over 3,000 USD to buy a flagship Samsung or Apple phone. This is considering that those who earn less than 3,000 USD monthly accounts for over 70 percent of the people in the world as it is believed that 71 percent of people all over the world live on less than 10 USD per day. This is as opposed to the fact a person earning 1,000 USD can afford to spend between 50 USD to 100 USD to buy a cheap Chinese phone, even if they have to buy it twice a year or once a year as opposed to spending 1,000 USD to buy a phone, even if they won’t have to buy another one for the next 10 years. China’s low-quality products are very affordable as you could get them for as little as 10 percent the price of high quality or an expensive version of the product.


When you buy an expensive high-quality product, chances are that maintaining it would also be expensive especially when a part gets faulty and needs to be changed. The price of changing the screen of most Samsung phones would comfortably buy 3 China low-quality phones. On the other hand, changing the screen of the lower quality phone are often affordable. Even if the device gets irreparably damaged, it is easier to let go of a 100 USD phone and buy a new one than a 1,000 USD phone. It is also worthy of note that with careful usage, your low-quality Chinese products from companies like So Good To Buy can last you for a long time.