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The Tech Ref Announces Simpler and Smarter Communication Solutions For Clients | News


The Tech Ref is a New York VoIP and telecommunication company that provides IT procurement & vendor management for a business upcoming project at no cost or obligation.

NEW YORK, May 9, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The Tech Ref, a telecommunication service provider in New York, has announced a new IT procurement service for businesses throughout the United States because of an uptick in demand. The company has been efficiently helping clients with custom technology VoIP solutions across the United States with a new unique, no-cost service for VoIP services, IT vendor management, cyber security services and internet installation.

A business should keep up with growing demands. Choosing the best VoIP service in New York will guarantee that any company can deal with the flood of communications daily. The Tech Ref’s VoIP technology solutions provide any business with an adaptable way to simplify and manage phone communications. It is transformational compared to the traditional phone systems, which can no longer keep up with today’s real-time demands.

The company knows how technology is continuously changing, and all the options can be stressful. They have found out that for most SMBs, schools, and organizations, technology decisions are one of the last things they like to deal with. The Tech Ref team facilitates reliable technology referrals to take the pressure off businesses.

They work with the best and leading industry technology partners who are committed and passionate about understanding a business’s needs and delivering customized solutions. With their guidance and partners, a business is always in the driver’s seat.

According to Jim Schacher, a spokesperson from The Tech Ref, “We are always happy to help our clients by facilitating and managing all the normally challenging legwork and coordination of procurement, order placement, and installation of telecom and technology services, all at no cost or obligation.”

The company works by introducing its clients with upcoming IT projects to the right-fit leading service providers and service providers to client organizations needing IT services. The Tech Ref then handles the whole process on their client’s behalf.

Service provider “Partner Programs” compensate the company for an introduction that leads to an order placed with them. The Tech Ref maintains its reputation with clients as a respected vendor-agnostic facilitator by handling the whole order process and its reputation with service providers as a referral source and trusted partner.

Once the client gets in touch, everything will be facilitated on their behalf, from introduction to the coordination of installation, all available at no cost or obligation.

The Tech Ref offers a wide array of services at a fraction of their client’s time with procurement and installation of VoIP services, VoIP phone installer, cloud-based telephone system installer, and so much more.

About The Tech Ref

The Tech Ref is a telecommunications service provider headquartered in New York City. They help organizations, businesses, non-profits, and schools in NYC and across the US and internationally with personalized IT solutions.

To learn more about The Tech Ref’s unique, no-cost service, call Jim Schacher at 347-808-1160 or email him at [email protected]. Visit the company’s official website at https://thetechref.com to learn more about their services.


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