April 22, 2024


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The Most Popular Types of Converters on the Internet

In the field of computer technology, there are many options for presenting data. For example, computer hardware or operating systems are created according to certain standards. Besides, each computer program processes data differently. If any of these variables are changed, the data must be transformed in some way before it can be viewed by another computer, operating system, or program. This is when file converters come in handy. 


Top-5 File Converters by Demand

1. Email Data Converters 

Perhaps, you will be surprised to hear that people can migrate from one mailing client to another. However, such situations often happen, especially when there is a need to migrate between mailing services for a working purpose. Transferring contacts or files between mailing clients with different file storage systems is really difficult. For example, if one wants to migrate from Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook, he will require an efficient EML to PST converter tool for this purpose. Email file converters are rarely used, but sometimes they become indispensable.


2. Text File Converters

When people recall text file converters, they usually mean DOC to PDF converting. The pragmatic meaning of creating documents in PDF format is that online materials can be sent over the Internet to a third-party user without any structural changes. It means that these files are impossible to change. Fortunately, today special software has been developed to convert PDF into an easy-to-edit DOC format or more modern DOCX format for MS Office. Such file converters are in great demand today.


3. Graphic File Converters

The converters from this section are designed to convert images of different graphic formats (JPG to BMP, GIF to PNG, ICO to TIFF, etc.). Some applications support multi-format batch conversion, and some have integrated graphics editing tools. Special multi-format conversion algorithms with the right settings allow you to convert photos and graphics without losing quality.


4. Video File Converters

Is the player giving an error due to improper video extension? Solve the problem by installing a video converter. These apps have wide functional opportunities for people working with video files:


  • Files of any extensions can be used;
  • One can convert videos to the selected format: AVI, MP4, WMV, MPEG, MKV, FLV, etc.;
  • It is possible to create videos suitable for viewing on iPhone and Android mobile phones, tablets, Xbox, PS4, and music players;
  • One can prepare video files for uploading to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and other sites;
  • It is easy to create GIFs from clips quickly.

5. Audio File Converters

This list will not be full without audio file converters. The conversion software allows you to extract the audio track from video clips, while this procedure takes a few seconds. Just select the file you want to convert and press a single button. The finished results can be saved to a hard drive or sent to various social networks.


Many options are used to transform data within a computing environment. If the source format or target format is not recognized, then sometimes a third program is used.