July 25, 2024


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The Best Last Minute Amazon Christmas Gifts – LifeSavvy

The Best Last Minute Amazon Christmas Gifts – LifeSavvy

Multiple coffee cups sit around an espresso maker, tubs of lip mask are stacked on top of one another, and an Amazon Echo with a screen is behind a cutting board.

We’ve all been there. Maybe you left someone off your shopping list, maybe Thanksgiving was busy, or maybe you just procrastinated. Whatever the reason, you need a last-minute Christmas gift.

Thankfully, we haven’t quite reached holiday shipping cut-off dates quite yet—at least for Amazon. You’ve got until Dec. 15 to shop on Amazon if you’re not a Prime member. If you are, you can shop the site all the way up to Dec. 22 for items with Prime two-day shipping.

So if last-minute gifts are what you need, we’ve got a few universal Amazon Christmas gifts that’ll be perfect.

Amazon e-Gift Card

A person holds an Amazon Christmas gift with a red bow on top.

Aleksandrova Olga/Shutterstock.com

Everyone likes the gift of cash, and when it comes to shopping, Amazon has it all. That’s what makes an Amazon gift card the best Christmas present for those who procrastinated shopping. Send an e-gift card as late as Christmas Day itself and allow people to pick their own products. Honestly, it’s a win for everyone involved.

First Secure Car Emergency Kit

Is a car emergency kit the sexiest gift someone will ever get? No, probably not. But is it one of the most useful? Yes, it is.

This kit from First Secure features jumper cables, an air compressor, a tire pressure gauge, a reflective warning triangle, and more. Basically, if you find yourself with a flat tire, dead battery, or in need of additional roadside assistance, you’ve got what you need to get yourself through.

Ezvalo Three-in-One Charger Station

A white combination light, speaker, and phone charger sit on a nightstand.


Everyone needs a phone charger, right? Why not get one of the internet’s most beloved and most sleek ones as a Christmas gift?

The Ezvalo three-in-one charger is a hybrid wireless phone charger (that works with both Android phones and iPhones), with a warm night light and a speaker. Play music or soothing sounds as you drift off to sleep all while your phone charges. Want to see what’s on your nightstand at 3 am? The night light can take care of that. All of this comes in a sleek, modern design.

Bedsure Soft Fuzzy Faux Fur Throw Blanket

No one can say no to a fuzzy, cozy throw blanket. That’s what makes it such a great last-minute Christmas present. Whether it’s a coworker or a loved one, this thoughtful gift is practical but still exciting to receive. Bedsure’s fuzzy faux fur option is perfect for those looking for a little bit of extra luxury in their home.

Beckham Hotel Pillows

Two pillows are stacked on top of one another against a starry background.

Beckham Hotel

Give the gift of quality sleep this Christmas with these wildly popular pillows. The Beckham Hotel Collection pillows have over 147,000 five-star ratings on Amazon and are made from 100% memory foam for ultra-comfortable sleep. They’re designed to be used no matter what position you sleep in, and thanks to its construction, the pillows won’t shift or wad up as you sleep.

Stanley Adventure Quencher Tumbler

You’ve seen it on Instagram and TikTok, and you might even have one for yourself. Why not gift this viral favorite to someone else? The Stanley tumbler in the 40-ounce design has blown up on social media with people singing its praises. From how well it keeps drinks cold to just how much it can hold to its clever design that’ll still fit in a cup holder, it’s a perfect last-minute Christmas gift. If you aren’t ready o spend $40, check out this affordable alternative.

Nespresso Vertuo Next

An assortment of glass cups in different sizes are filled with espresso and sit next to a Nespresso maker.


Shopping for a coffee lover? If they don’t have an espresso maker yet, a Nespresso is the ultimate Christmas gift.

The Vertuo Next can brew multiple sizes of espresso as well as single or double shots, and it does so using handy capsules. That means no worrying about measuring out grounds, and you get a simple and fast brewing experience. There’s an expert brew each time, and unlike some other bulkier machines, the Vertuo Next is compact making it perfect for anyone regardless of whether they’re apartment dwelling or have a more spacious home.

Apple AirPods Pro

When it comes to near universally loved gifts, Apple AirPods have o be pretty high on the list. This is likely a gift for a loved one or family member given the price tag, but if you do want to surprise them with something a bit more luxe, they’re ideal. Not only are they wireless (obviously), but they feature noise-canceling technology, a 30-hour battery life, and spatial audio to envelop you in your listening.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Multiple tubs of lip mask sit in front of swatches.


Know someone who is never without their chapstick? This lip mask will be the perfect gift.

Laneige’s mask is a cult classic product and is designed to hydrate and nourish even the dryest lips. Simply sweep it over them at night and wake up in the morning with a smooth, soft pucker. Plus, the formula isn’t overly thick or sticky so if your giftee wants to wear it during the day, that’s possible as well.

Utopia Bath Towels

When it comes to last-minute gifts, useful items are the way to go, and nothing is more useful that bath towels. They are subject to a huge amount of wear and tear, and you can never really have too many. This set from Utopia Towels is affordable but high quality with a 4.4-star rating and comes in 19 colors for any home’s palette.

Amazon Echo Show 10

An Amazon Echo Show sits in front of a cutting board of vegetables.


Have a friend that hasn’t made the leap into a smart home? The Amazon Echo Show is a great place to start. This handy little device has all the same capabilities you’re used to seeing from an Alexa-enabled device but adds a video component. Have video calls, display recipes as you cook, watch shows on streaming as your work, and more!

Coolife Carry-on Luggage

Those with a loved one or friend travels who travels often know that quality luggage is a must for frequent travelers. If know someone in your life who is in need of a new set or someone who will be traveling soon, a piece of carry-on luggage is the perfect gift. It’s a semi-affordable gift to give that will get plenty of use and shows you take notice of their interests. Essentially, it’s a win-win all around.

If you’ve been putting off doing your Christmas gift shopping, these Amazon last-minute Christmas gifts will ensure you’re giving a thoughtful but easy-to-get present anyone would love.