June 19, 2024


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Samsung's New Galaxy Fold 4 Promo Has So Many Sweet Layers

Samsung’s New Galaxy Fold 4 Promo Has So Many Sweet Layers

The Black Friday month of November deals has come and gone, but there’s still time to get ridiculous prices on some of the best tech around before Xmas. If you need a last minute, you-win-the-holidays type of gift from Samsung, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is on a “Deal of the Day” special that is good on multiple levels.

The basics here are that Samsung Discover is back as a final sales event to end the holiday shopping season. To kick off this new Discover, Samsung is running several daily deals that are gone within 24 hours. The first is for the Galaxy Fold 4 (our review).

Here is the situation on today’s Galaxy Fold 4 deal, assuming you are interested:

  • The deal adds double storage (to 512GB) for free
  • $150 credit included to buy accessories
  • Up to instant $900 off for trade-ins, plus you can add a 2nd trade-in for up to an extra $720 off
  • Up to $750 off if you have a cracked device
  • Fold 4 for $899 if you only trade-in a Fold 3

As is always the case with Samsung’s best deals, you get the biggest discount if you trade-in particular devices. The Fold 3 fetches $900 off instantly, while the Galaxy S22 Ultra will get you $850 off. An older phone like the Note 10+ is worth $500.

This deal gets really good if you happen to have another phone laying around that Samsung has on their list of eligible trades. Because you’ll get good money up front for a Fold 3 or S21 or whatever, but you could grab another couple of hundred off for an S10 or S20 or something like that. Also, Samsung will give you up to $750 off for the first cracked device and $575 for a second, depending on the phone.

So to recap on this Fold 4 deal that expires in the next several hours, you get up to $900 off instantly for a trade-in, but can add to that discount with a second device. You also get double the storage to 512GB for free and another $150 in credits to spend on accessories. Pretty solid.

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