June 16, 2024


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Pixel Watch battery size and cellular connectivity just leaked


Like other Pixel devices, Google’s Pixel Watch is hardly a well-kept secret. The wearable has appeared in various leaks dating back to spring 2021. Even more massive revelations have leaked in recent weeks as some Googlers forgot a Pixel Watch prototype in a restaurant. We learned all about the device’s design via unofficial hands-on experiences with a non-working device. A brand new leak now gives us additional details about the Pixel Watch’s specs, including battery size and cellular connectivity.

The friend of the bartender who found the Pixel Watch prototype revealed the device feels just as high-end as the Apple Watch, speculating that Google would price it accordingly. After that, we saw a price leak that claimed Google might charge $300 to $400 for the wearable. The implication seems to be that Google is looking to make a device that rises above the Fitbit wearables. A true Apple Watch rival.

If that’s the case, then Google will want to offer Pixel Watch buyers specs on par with Apple’s wearable. That might mean battery life that can at least match the Apple Watch. And various Pixel Watch options, including a model that rocks cellular connectivity.

Pixel Watch hands-on
Pixel Watch hands-on: The size of the wearable. Image source: Imgur

Pixel Watch battery life estimates

A brand new Pixel Watch specs leak happens to detail these two aspects. According to 9to5Google, the Pixel Watch will indeed feature cellular connectivity. This means you’ll be able to use the wearable to make and receive calls and texts without carrying a smartphone with you. The Pixel Watch will probably support eSIM connectivity, like the Apple Watch.

More interesting is the battery life claim, as that’s the Achilles’ heel of sophisticated wearables like the Apple Watch. The device requires daily charging, but Apple has improved the charging speed with last year’s model.

9to5Google says the Pixel Watch might sport a 300 mAh battery. That’s significantly larger than the 247 mAh battery that equips the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. The two devices will feature the same size (40mm), but the Pixel Watch is 4mm thicker.

Samsung’s wearable has an advertised battery life of 40 hours. But it tops at 24 hours in real-life use, according to the blog. As a result, the Pixel Watch might last more than a day if this specs leak is accurate.

A larger Pixel Watch would house an even larger battery. That’s assuming Google is also making a 44mm model that would match the larger Galaxy Watch 4.

Google might soon tease the Pixel Watch, at which point we might know more details about the design, cellular connectivity, and battery life. But it’s unclear whether Google will give the wearable a formal announcement at I/O 2022 in a few days.

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