May 28, 2024


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Milwaukee Brewers pitchers have stopped using PitchCom system mostly


Brewers catcher Victor Caratini uses the PitchCom system on his right shin guard to communicate with starting pitcher Corbin Burnes during 
a game earlier this season.

PHILADELPHIA – The Milwaukee Brewers have mostly gone away from button pushing.

To begin the season, most Brewers pitchers were utilizing PitchCom technology, a system devised to improve communication between pitchers and catchers, but during the team’s series this week against the Pirates and Phillies, there has been a noticeable lack of its usage. 

The technology, approved by Major League Baseball for the first time this season, allows catchers to call pitch type and location electronically on a wristband. The call gets relayed to the pitcher via a headset placed in his hat. 

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