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Medicaid Innovation Collaborative Announces Behavioral Health Request for Information


Medicaid Innovation Collaborative is committed to identifying and implementing solutions that enable all Medicaid beneficiaries to achieve their full health potential

SAN FRANCISCO – March 22, 2022 – (

Innovative, market-based solutions have the potential to address complex health inequities among Medicaid beneficiaries. These solutions can meaningfully improve access, quality, and coordination of care, but many of these solutions are currently underutilized within public programs.

Medicaid Innovation Collaborative (MIC) is a program to accelerate innovations in Medicaid that advance in health equity. Private-sector, tech-enabled solutions can play a critical role in addressing deep-rooted disparities in Medicaid. In order to reduce the time to market and barrier to scale for these high-impact solutions, MIC has developed a model — informed by current and former state Medicaid directors, industry experts, and other key stakeholders in Medicaid — delivering primary research, sourcing and diligence expertise, and technical assistance to enable state Medicaid agencies and their managed care organizations to identify and implement solutions for a shared health equity goal.

Live now, MIC has launched a national Request for Information (RFI) to source vendor solutions in behavioral health for its first cohort of states and their associated managed care plans. Through research, MIC identified key behavioral health challenges facing adolescents in Arizona and West Virginia and pregnant and postpartum women in Hawaii, and the RFI aims to source solutions to address these challenges. More information and the applications can be found here

Selected organizations will present their solution to state and managed care leaders in May 2022, with the potential to engage health plans for future contracting opportunities.

About Medicaid Innovation Collaborative

The Medicaid Innovation Collaboration is a partnership of three organizations committed to improving the health and wellbeing of low-income Americans: Acumen America, a nonprofit impact investment firm focused on tackling issues of poverty in the U.S.; Adaptation Health, an innovation consultant; and the Center for Health Care Strategies, a nonpartisan policy design and implementation partner working to improve outcomes for Medicaid beneficiaries. Learn more at

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Medicaid Innovation Collaborative Announces Behavioral Health Request for Information


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