June 19, 2024


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Matthius Hanna Knows How To Increase Your Sales With New PR Marketing Strategies


Matthius Hanna’s roots are in financial sales. Back in 2015, he started to launch his own products in the field of coaching and began to develop his expertise in online marketing. Since then, he has successfully transformed strategies from offline sales into online business. Matthius Hanna became particularly well known through his “100 Days Challenge“, which is all about leaving your comfort zone and increasing courage, which is essential if you want to build up a successful business. Today, with his companies MH Enterprises and The Way of Business TV, Matthius Hanna thrives up companies for his clients in the field of coaching and marketing and solves their problems in customer acquisition with his unique strategy of PR marketing.

So what is PR marketing all about? With a marketing concept that relies on out-of-the-box thinking, you also have the chance to attract the interest of people who might never have come to your site otherwise. They simply would have opted for another provider, which in fact is one of your competitors. It’s like with almost everything else in life: once you know how to do it properly, everything looks so easy. Matthius discovered that this marketing with an out-of-the-box approach somehow is easy and somehow it is not, because you know that not everyone is doing it. 

Why does PR marketing as practiced by MH Enterprises and The Way of Business TV result in attracting people’s interest? Well, this can be explained quite simply: When we go searching for something on the Internet, we usually only take a closer look at the first few suggestions. We ignore everything else simply because we don’t have that much time or are too comfortable to do so. However, if you have made it to the top of the search engine rankings thanks to extravagant marketing, success is guaranteed. MH Enterprises will tell you what you need to do to be right on top of those searches. 

The attention span of humans and especially of online customers is getting shorter and shorter. This is precisely where Matthius comes in with his unique PR marketing concept. His strategy hits the site visitor like a bolt of lightning, captures their attention, and doesn’t let go until they make a purchase. Isn’t that exactly the kind of concept you want?

At the same time, MH Enterprises is in no way concerned with deceiving clients or pulling the wool over their eyes. After all, their PR marketing concept is based first and foremost on learning how to use all the options available to you to present the uniqueness of your company in all its glory. That’s how it is, the main goal, if not the only goal, is to put your company in the right light. In this way, MH Enterprises will ensure that you are found much more easily by potential customers on the Internet. 

Marketing that catches the eye takes time and, above all, mental input. But once MH Enterprises has managed to create a well-rounded concept for you, your company will definitely be rewarded. With creative marketing, your customer acquisition will work out wonderfully.


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