May 26, 2024


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Laredo College graduate excels in technology field

Laredo College’s Computer Technology Department has long been recognized as a regional leader in preparing thousands of industry professionals for high-demand occupations in the flourishing technology field. One prime example of this is Victor A. Zamora, an LC graduate succeeding in his career and putting his acquired skills and expertise to great use.

The 24 year old is currently employed full-time as a network engineer at Texas A&M International University. He notes that his favorite aspect of his job is constantly interacting with new technologies, thus encountering new challenges and expanding his knowledge. He also loves that it allows for a different daily routine, one day having him sit at the office working on a database and the next walking around campus troubleshooting a network.

“I have always been quite good with technology, but I wasn’t sure if pursuing a career in it was of my interest until I was introduced to cybersecurity by one of my LC advisers,” he said. “Ever since I began my cybersecurity/networking career, I have been hit with new experiences and challenges that keep sparking my thirst for knowledge and kindling my curiosity.”

Upon graduating from Laredo College last year with an Associate in Applied Science specialized in Network and Cybersecurity Technology, Zamora transferred his credits and certifications and enrolled at Western Governors University to pursue a cybersecurity bachelor’s degree. He has completed the CompTIA: A+, CompTIA: Network + and CompTIA: Security + certifications, thus earning the CompTIA titles CIOS: CompTIA IT Operations Specialist and CSIS: CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist.

After completing only his first semester at LC, he worked as an IT support specialist at a small firm. He noted that this was when he realized that everything he was learning at the college was applicable to his job and vice versa.

“It felt outstanding to go into work and easily thrive in new tasks with the knowledge I gained at school the day before,” he said. “After four years in the field and my associate degree from LC, I was able to build up my resume and score a nice, reputable job.”

Zamora’s time at LC was memorable due to the exciting topics and experiences and the people who made the program fun. One of his fondest memories is visiting the dark web lab for the first time along with a classmate, bonding over their shared experience and remaining good friends to this day.

Additionally, LC faculty and staff helped guide him along the way by inspiring and encouraging him throughout the program. Some of the mentors and advisers he is grateful for are Cybersecurity Institute Assistant Director Tekuani Perez, Computer Technology Department Chair Robert Moore, Computer Information System Instructor Nestor Serrato and Computer Technology Department Lead Lab Coordinator Ana Proa.

Other exciting activities he participated in were the Capture the Flag competitions at the college, where participants test their knowledge by solving cybersecurity-related topics, and the Annual Laredo College Cybersecurity Conference.

Aside from technology and computers, Zamora’s interests include traveling, motorcycles, video games, paintball and spending time with friends. Although his interests are diverse, his current focus is on self-growth and building his academic career by finishing his bachelor’s degree. Envisioning his future, he aspires to become a certified penetration tester or an IT or cybersecurity director.

For prospective students looking to pursue a career in a technology field, his advice to stay focused and inspired is to challenge yourself constantly and apply the knowledge you have learned.

“Any job within your career path is a good job, don’t reject small opportunities when starting up because they are significant chances to learn, apply your knowledge and build up your career path,” he concluded.

For more information about the highly sought-after careers and certifications offered by Laredo College’s Computer Technology Department, please send an email to [email protected] or call 956-721-5317 or 956-721-5423.

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