December 9, 2023


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KFC’s Internet Escape Pod Was Ahead of Its Time


Photo:  Femail Online - YouTube (Other)

Image: Femail Online – YouTube (Other)

Just like The Simpsons is generally credited with predicting the foreseeable future, I assume KFC justifies some clairvoyant credit. The fried chicken quickly food items chain previously understood five several years back that the point out of the planet would go away us all wanting to crawl into a pod and disappear prolonged before we knew just how badly we wanted to. Fortunately, Twitter’s memory is extended, and buyers not too long ago began resurfacing the KFC promotional stunt for all of us to love (and envy).

Back again in 2017, KFC rolled out an genuine $10,000 “digital escape pod.” As The Verge explains, the Online Escape Pod was dome-shaped tent created of metal and stainless-metal mesh, a higher-density foam, and enamel paint, weighing 8 lbs whole. The pod also highlighted a fried-hen-drumstick-shaped doorway deal with and a enormous Colonel Sanders atop the dome, his lengthy arms draped about the pod as if to shield people inside it. Thrillist noted at the time that the dome would comfortably in shape 4 adults and a bucket of KFC chicken. But of program, the most significant function of all is that the dome was built as a Faraday cage, which blocks out wireless indicators, thus letting you to escape the world-wide-web (and by extension, the entire world) for a minimal whilst.

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Lately Twitter user @badboygargar tweeted, “What if we kissed inside the colonel sanders tent” accompanied by an picture of the KFC World wide web Escape Pod, thrusting the $10,000 gimmick back again into the spotlight following 5 yrs of dormancy. The Twitterverse was brief to answer with hundreds of hundreds of likes and retweets, and even KFC’s formal Twitter account responded, “What occurs in the tent, stays in the tent.”

Realizing what we know about Colonel Sanders, I’m not confident how several men and women would really be comforted by a giant inescapable hug from him. Nevertheless, placing apart (while you genuinely shouldn’t) the colonel’s misogynistic and possible racist tendencies, the purpose of the pod continues to be a necessity.

In a time when the online has become a barrage of negative, sad, and infuriating information, the means to disconnect from it all has turn out to be even far more useful given that 2017. Whilst KFC could not have predicted a world pandemic or any of the other disasters that have befallen its shopper foundation considering that 2017, I just cannot support but idea my hat to whichever member of the brand’s marketing and advertising staff realized that the world wide web could be an mind-boggling position and it very likely wasn’t likely to get any better—so we may as properly eat some fried rooster in peace. (KFC declined to comment for this tale.)

Nevertheless it is unlikely KFC will be bringing back again the escape pod any time soon, right now is Amazon Prime Day, and you can locate a amount of discounted Faraday pouches and bags to enable you disconnect for a whilst. Guaranteed, there won’t be any rooster thrown in, but it is close more than enough.


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