February 28, 2024


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iPhone 12 pro with LIDAR (Light Radar, Light Detection and Ranging)

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Good news for young people because now that Apple has released very good camera capabilities, this smartphone can also facilitate jobs such as photographers and those who like taking pictures.

Apple made a big deal with the new LiDAR scanner. Miniaturization of LiDAR technology (Light Radar, Light Detection and Ranging, also known as Laser Imaging, Detection, and Ranging) is one of Apple’s more prominent achievements, and after the iPad Pro, now premieres on the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max.

The LiDAR scanner measures distance by firing a laser beam and measures its reflection with a special sensor. This way iPhone 12 deals India can create a very accurate 3D representation of an object and then place it anywhere. Thinking of new furniture? It will be perfect. Want to compare the sizes of objects that you can’t put side by side – LiDAR will be of great help.

The LiDAR scanner is also very accurate at measuring distances, and you can use it just for that – like a fancy digital tapeline. Or you can adjust the distance and view a virtual wall in real-time at a predefined distance. Professionals such as interior designers might find LiDAR scanners a handy tool.

Thanks to strong AR capabilities which is also a bonus with LiDAR, you can also have a great AR experience with compatible apps and games.

Another benefit of this technology is the faster (and more accurate) focus in low light. And because the sensor doesn’t care about light conditions and can work even in pitch black rooms, you can now shoot low-light portraits for the first time with great subject separation and blur.

You can use a LiDAR compatible application (such as a 3D Scanner App) to scan and place objects wherever you like, export them for use in your projects, and even measure distances.

This makes the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max to be one of the goals of many people who want to have a superior smartphone that is very useful for those who like photos and those who like photographers because this is very helpful if we want to photograph an object without using a digital camera.