June 18, 2024


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How Windows 11 can benefit your small business


Windows is one of the most popular operating system features in various laptops, phones, and PC desktops. This system has over the years undergone various modifications to meet the growing needs of today’s technological world. The new Windows 11 is set to solve some of the problems users experienced with previous versions of the OS.


One of the main beneficiaries of these upgrades is small businesses that can enjoy the upgraded security features that allow you to protect your data. These features also make it easy to stay in communication with your team through personalized information feeds that are displayed in a single space. Below are a few benefits your business is set to gain from upgrading to the new Windows 11 OS.


How Windows 11 can benefit your small business


Connect and Collaborate

The recent pandemic brought to light the importance of leveraging the best technology in every business operation. Technology proved essential when it comes to keeping your workforce connected and operational, something that was considered during the development of Windows 11. Small and medium businesses can now take advantage of the new communication feature such as Chat developed by Microsoft Teams and integrated into your taskbar for easy access.


Chat allows you to connect with your team through text messages, voice and video calls, and instant messages regardless of the device they are using, Android, iOS, or Windows. With this feature, a small business can save on their communication bills as it also allows them to make calls via the internet.



Instant Information

Windows has included new Widgets features that make it easy for users to access all the news and information they need. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about sorting through tons of data to find what you need; all the information displayed is personalized to your use. This is because the Widget features are powered by a top-class browser performance and AI from Microsoft Edge, which is one of the many benefits that Windows 11 can provide. To access the widget boxes, click on the Widget Icon on the task to display small information boxes.


From these boxes, you can view data collected from multiple sources, including publications, sports results, and weather apps. Windows 11 allows you to customize the data shown based on the type of information you want.



Light Layout

One of the prominent features of Windows 11 is its sleek new design that serves more than just aesthetics. The new-look is aimed to promote productivity and inspire creativity among your team. Windows was aiming for an easily accessible layout with enjoyable features. To promote productivity, the new OS can be integrated with multiple devices. This means you can access the information on your laptop from multiple devices, including your smartphone. This version comes with a start button that gives users access to recent files access, regardless of the device you viewed them on.


Another new change is seen on the taskbar. The new taskbar is centered on the screen, while the start button is on the far left. When you click on the start button, your device presents you with a light layout in the middle of the screen with apps clearly organized. With this taskbar, you can easily access all your key apps on your PC and tablet.


Windows 11 is fitted with the new Snap layouts, Snap Groups, and Desktops, all designed to ease multitasking. Snap layouts allow you to organize your screen and move in between apps smoothly. This means you can have multiple screens open simultaneously with a choice of groups of squares to display small amounts of information and longer and thinner windows to show lengthy data. With Snap groups, users can group their chosen Snap Layouts and move them to one section while working on something different.



Intelligent Integration

One of the main challenges for most users is adapting to the new system, which in some cases may force employers to train their employees. However, Windows 11 is a build-up of Windows 10 with a few upgrades. This means your employees don’t need to spend a lot of time familiarizing themselves with the system; they can simply borrow from Windows 10 to integrate the new system into your business.


Besides the new features, your team can leverage their knowledge of Windows 10 to execute apps such as cloud configurations, Microsoft Endpoint Manager, and Windows Update for Business and Autopilot to integrate them with your IT estate.



Windows 11 comes with numerous benefits for small and medium businesses. It helps streamline some of their processes to enhance productivity. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time and resources familiarizing your team with it.



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