September 28, 2023


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Hackaday Prize 2022: A Not-So-Smart Spot Welder

Do-it-yourself location welders frequently use large-powered factors that can be a bit terrifying, offered the possible for perilous malfunctions. [Wojciech “Adalbert” J.] created his capacitive discharge place welder to be secure, effortless to make, and forego the microcontroller.

Lots of tasks work excellent with just a solitary Li-ion mobile, but when you need more electric power, you’ve got to start out connecting additional cells jointly into a battery. [Wojciech]’s location welder is built to be just impressive sufficient to weld nickel tabs onto a cell without any overkill. The capacitor lender takes advantage of nineteen Nichicon UBY 7500uF/35V capacitors, all wired in parallel making use of solder wick saturated with solder. They sit atop on a perfboard with metallicized holes to carry the higher present.

[Wojciech] has detailed each and every move of making the welder, which includes adjustments to the off-the-shelf relay board and introducing a potentiometer to the step-up converter board. The amount of element helps make this appear like a very good beginning position if you are hoping to hop into the earth of Diy location welders. Safe and sound is usually a relative expression when working with superior powered equipment, so be thorough if you do endeavor this create!

Do it yourself location welders have graced these electronic internet pages a lot of times, including this 1 built with protection in intellect, and this other just one that was decidedly not.