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Hackaday Links: July 24, 2022


Ok, it’s possible that will not buff right out. NASA has introduced a more thorough assessment of the problems endured by the James Webb Area Telescope in a run-in with a micrometeoroid, and has deemed the injury “uncorrectable”. Not that any harm to JWST is correctable, at minimum in the sense that the Hubble Room Telescope was in a position to be fitted with optics to fix its exactly-but-inaccurately-ground primary mirror. JWST is far also remote for a company contact, so correctability in this circumstance refers to a blend of what can be completed by tweaking the shape and posture of the afflicted mirror section, and what can be taken treatment of with picture processing. The harm to section C3, as very well as problems to the other segments in a full of six collisions in the fifty percent 12 months Webb has been on station, are assessed by using “wavefront sensing”, which seems to be at how out of stage the light coming from just about every mirror segment is. The hurt sounds lousy, and it definitely ought to hurt for the techs and engineers who so lovingly and painstakingly designed the detail to see it dinged up now, but in the extensive run, this damage should not hamper Webb’s prolonged-phrase science targets.

In other space news, we hear that the Perseverance rover has taken its initially chunk out of the ancient river delta in Jezero Crater. The rover has been poking around looking for anything appealing to sample, but every thing it experimented with out with its abrading resource was both way too brittle, far too tough to get at, or scientifically boring. Inevitably the rover located a superior spot to drill, and managed to deliver up a 6.7-cm main sample. This tends to make the tenth core sample collected in general, and the to start with from the delta place, which is believed to have the finest probability to have evidence of historical Martian daily life.

Closer to home, we’ve all possible read of robotic surgical treatment, but the graphic that conjures up doesn’t truly comport with fact. Robotic-assisted operation is probably a much better term, because surgical robots are usually just ultra-exact remote manipulators that are guided by a proficient surgeon. But if a examine on surgical treatment robot functionality is any sign, the times of human surgeons may be numbered. The analyze compared accuracy and pace of the two a human surgeon controlling a common Da Vinci surgical robot and an autonomous variation of the robotic alone, making use of a depth digital camera for sensing. Making use of a standard surgical expertise test, the autonomous process matched the human surgeons in terms of failures — fortunately, no “oopsies” for possibly — but bested the individuals in pace and positional precision. It’ll most likely be a whilst just before entirely autonomous surgeons are a matter, but we would not be betting versus it in the prolonged run.

Most visitors will no question have heard the remarkable news that Supercon will be again this yr as an in-individual occasion! Make sure you set apart the very first weekend in November to make the pilgrimage to Pasadena — it’ll be excellent looking at everyone yet again after the prolonged absence. But if you just can’t wait until November for an IRL con, look at dropping by SCALE 19X, coming up this 7 days in Los Angeles. The Southern California Linux Expo is being held July 28 through 31, and attributes a ton of speakers, which includes a keynote by Vint Cerf. Hackaday readers can help save 50% on tickets with promo code HACK.

And last but not least, as a lover of Easter eggs of all types, but specifically of the concealed concept in software range, we appreciated this ode to the Easter egg, the embedded artistry that has served as a creative outlet for programmers more than the decades. The post lists a few fantastic illustrations of the art form, together with outlining why they are actually critical artifacts of the tech entire world and what they’re superior for. We experimented with out a handful of of the types shown in the posting that we hadn’t listened to of just before some hits, some misses, but they are all appreciated. Very well, most of them — the corporate rah-rah form can bugger straight off as much as we’re involved.


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