July 19, 2024


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Customize your boot screen with this easy Steam Deck hack

TLDR: Are you weary of that stock boot animation on your Steam Deck? In this article we’ll clearly show you a handful of amazing possibilities and explain to you how to place them to use. It’s not really hard and can be a exciting (or funny) way to spice up your handheld.

Steam Deck owners on Reddit labored out how to transform the handheld’s boot animation about 6 months back. Given that then, scores of people have made customized splash screens for the Deck. There is even an overall repository whole of creative replacements.

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=3PrguMIyDk0

The authentic method for enhancing the boot display screen concerned messing all over with procedure documents. Valve has considering the fact that built it so that buyers do not have to compromise SteamOS method information, but it does however entail receiving into the guts of the OS. Nonetheless, it is nonetheless fairly easy.

The initial factor you want to do is get your Steam Deck into Desktop Manner. Do this by urgent the Steam button, navigating to “Electrical power,” and picking out “Change to Desktop.”

Next, you can have to expose concealed folders. The quick way to do this is to open Dolphin (SteamOS’s file explorer), then hit Ctrl+H. The more time route is to faucet the Solutions icon in Dolphin (the “sandwich” in the upper appropriate corner), and pick out “Show Hidden Information from the menu.

Now you need a folder to keep your customized splash screen. Essentially you have to have a couple of nested folders. So go to ~/.steam/root/config and incorporate one particular called “uioverrides.” Go into the uioverrides folder and build yet another referred to as “videos.” Your customized splash screen will stay right here. This is the initial put that SteamOS will seem for a boot video clip. If a person is not below, it pulls the default from ~/house/deck/.area/share/Steam/steamui/videos.


The boot video clip have to be:
named deck_startup.webm
positioned in the ~/.steam/root/config/uioverides/movies folder
10 seconds or considerably less

If you are developing a video clip from scratch, there are a handful of issues to try to remember. The resolution ought to be as near to 1280×800 as attainable for the ideal final results. It also has to be in .webm structure. If it is not, basically changing the extension with .webm should really do the job. For case in point, if the movie is boot.mov, rename it to deck_startup.webm. Custom boot movies can only be 10 seconds or much less, so plan your animation time.

There are different techniques to get your custom splash display onto your Steam Deck. The least difficult is to only e-mail it to on your own, open up Firefox on the Deck and retrieve the clip from your email. You can also submit it to the Boot Movies web site for every person to use and download it from there. There’s also a Reddit thread that serves the identical intent.

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=DpEwkJe0yZ4

Of class, if you are not proficient (or are as lazy as me), you can just use any of the webpages and pages of video clips other end users have submitted. I’ve embedded a number of of my favored kinds throughout this article. I like the Stranger Things concept (higher than) the greatest. It is really effectively completed.

Have exciting.