July 24, 2024


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Baseus Reveals Magical 100W GaN Charger with Quick Charge 5 Certification 

Baseus Reveals Magical 100W GaN Charger with Quick Charge 5 Certification 

There is no doubt that Qualcomm® Quick Charge ™ 5 technology has significantly impacted the fast charging field since its premiere in 2020. Baseus is adding this technology to its new charging product, which has a charging power of over 100W. This implies that users can charge a 4500mAh phone battery by 50 per cent in about five minutes. 

Additionally, the high charging power equips Quick Charge 5 with improved performance capabilities in other areas. For instance, 100W+ power is large enough to charge laptops. The integration of the Quick Charge 5 in mobile devices will also result in a better experience for customers with regard to battery life and other important phone aspects. 

Baseus Reveals Magical 100W GaN Charger

Quick Charge 5 Chargers

A good number of electronic devices compatible with the Quick Charge 5 technology were introduced towards the end of 2020. One example is the Xiaomi Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition, which supports Quick Charge 5 chargers. Moreover, some newly designed laptops released in late 2020 also support the Quick Charge 5 charging technology. 

Although multiple manufacturers have ventured into the design and manufacture of Quick Charge 5 chargers, Baseus is the first company to reveal its 100W plus charger. No other local company had revealed Quick Charge 5 chargers before Baseus. The charger is likely designed using gallium nitride technology, judging by its physical attributes in terms of size and thickness. If this is the case, then the Baseus 100W charger is the first GaN charger in the country supporting the Quick Charge 5 technology. The hypothesis is further supported by the existing partnership between Baseus and Navitas Semiconductor, which presents the first GaN research and development (R&D) project. 

Baseus posted a picture revealing its new Baseus charger charging device surrounded by many laptops. The photo is captioned with a slogan saying, “All laptops”, which implies that the charger can fast charge all laptops. Consumers will be relieved of carrying heavy laptop chargers. Instead, they will carry the new Baseus charger, whose design means that it is light. If the charger is compatible with many laptop models as the company claims, it will solve many problems customers face with their chargers. Many people are awaiting the launch of this high-tech product because of its promising potential. 

Gallium nitride chargers are a new generation of semiconductor technology. They are smaller in size than conventional chargers. Despite their small size, however, these gallium nitride chargers have a higher power than traditional chargers. In addition, their smaller size makes it easy to carry them. The best thing is that users can acquire these chargers to replace their original large charger, enabling them to travel with light luggage. 

Given their light mass, these chargers are suitable for mobile working. Individuals will just be required to carry the smaller Quick Charge 5 gallium nitride charger for both their computers and mobile phones. Charging the devices with the charger for about 15-30 minutes can keep them on for a couple of hours, enabling people to work remotely.