July 19, 2024


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Apps You Can Use to Create NFTs on Your iPhone


Do you want to create NFT’s on your own? Over the last 18 months or so, digital assets have become incredibly important in popular culture. 

NFTs have certainly penetrated the mainstream media, with several high-profile sales making headlines worldwide. In December, an anonymous artist known only as Pak created The Merge, which generated revenue of $91.8m, the largest ever art sale by a living creator. That was simply the culmination of a year of excitement, kicked off in March when Beeple sold his artwork for $69m.

NFTs are digital assets backed by blockchain, which confirms ownership, and they’re not the only headline-grabbing online commodities. In recent months, other digital assets, such as fan tokens, have also been popular. Fan tokens work differently from NFTs; they’re still digital assets backed by blockchain, but they’re more like a cryptocurrency that rises and falls in value.

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They’re aligned to sports teams, and ownership gives fans certain perks, such as being able to vote on issues at their chosen club. The sums involved are notable; soccer giants AC Milan made more than $6m from their recent release, and the value has increased quickly. Backed by the cryptocurrency Chiliz, their fan token was $ACM was worth 21 $CHZ on May 20 but rose to 35 $CHZ when they lifted the domestic title in Italy two days later.

Whilst it can be difficult to differentiate between NFTs, digital assets and crypto, there is an element worth noting; anyone can create NFTs; the other two cannot. NFTs are perhaps the way forward if you wish to hop on the digital asset train and make a few dollars here and there. It’s not impossible to do; in fact, there are a handful of apps that can help you create your own NFTs. It is worth noting that there are few options for minting your NFT as well, although we can suggest one platform.

NFT Creator

There are two apps with similar names, NFT Creator! and NFT Creator. You’re looking for the one that does not have the exclamation mark if you wish to create and sell NFTs from your phone. NFT Creator has some of the best templates for creating your NFT, and you can even create custom trading cards as well. You can create a sports card, a Pokémon-style card, and even your own custom award cards with a little creativity. There’s an inbuilt marketplace for buying NFTs from other creators here.

8bit Painter

Many NFTs you see in the news are simple, 8bit style images, making this next app particularly interesting. You can design an image on anything from a 16×16 grid to a 160×160. You don’t have to design from scratch either; you can turn other images into pixel art. People often use two creators rather than one for truly impressive results, putting together an image in another app, then using 8bit Painter to convert it to the retro style.


GoArt isn’t like the other apps; it doesn’t have a paint facility to allow you to create your NFT; it takes a photo and gives you filters to use instead. It’s lightning-quick; if you want to create an NFT from a photo in seconds, you can, and the filters are interesting. There’s a Van Gogh filter and another mimicking Picasso’s style. It operates a paid feature, where some of the better filters are only usable by exchanging coins, although you earn 30 coins just by signing up.

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