June 19, 2024


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Apple Car

Apple to Launch Affordable Car Priced Under $100,000

In a recent news report from Bloomberg, Apple is said to be gearing up to launch an affordable electric car for under $100,000. This is much less than the Tesla vehicles, which are priced at $47k and up. The Cupertino-based company has not revealed a final design for its Apple Car yet, but it’s rumored that a design set will be released in 2023, followed by a ‘features list’ in 2024.

Apple Car

Initially, Apple had planned to release a vehicle that could seat passengers who face one another, without pedals or a steering wheel. However, the plans have been scaled back to a more traditional design, including a driver’s seat and pedals. There won’t be any full AI driving present either, although there will be a self-driving mode when navigating highways.

Testing for the Apple Car is scheduled to begin in 2025 and a potential product launch date has been set for 2026. It was also revealed that the company initially intended to price the car at $120,000. It is unclear as to how much the vehicle will cost when it finally hits the market, but it is expected to remain under $100,000.

This news from Apple comes at a time when the electric car industry is experiencing phenomenal growth. Many major players in the automotive sector are now turning to electric vehicles to reduce emissions and improve their sustainability efforts.

For Apple, this is the perfect opportunity to enter an already thriving industry with a car that is affordable and reliable. With a growing demand for electric vehicles and Apple’s status as a tech giant, the company is sure to have a successful launch and make a powerful impact on the automobile sector.