Duration: 01:52

On 60 Minutes Sunday, journalist Bill Whitaker explored the world of deepfakes and synthetic media, where artificial intelligence is used to make images and videos that are fake but look hyper-realistic. Whitaker had a deepfake video made of himself that aged him back 30 years, and even had the ability to take away his mustache. He also had a synthetic avatar made of himself that was able to speak words he never actually spoke, only typed into a computer, exactly as he would say them. And while deepfakes can be used for fun, like the popular Tom Cruise deepfakes on TikTok, Whitaker spoke to one of the first people to write a book on the topic, Nina Schick, who called the technology a “game changer” when it comes to disinformation. Especially due to how fast it is evolving. “By five to seven years, we are basically looking at a trajectory where any single creator, so, a YouTuber, a TikToker, will be able to create the same level of visual effects that is only accessible to the most well-resourced Hollywood studio today,” Schick said.